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Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Temper Tantrums

Well as usual I am supposed to be doing something else. In this case packing for my holidays tomorrow but as I was flicking through my favourite blogs I came across this candy from Create4fun. She has had 80,000 visitors amazing but I suppose it helps if you actually put creations on for people to look at. Mine is more the ramblings of a very disturbed mind!!!!!!

Pop over and have a look. Its in dutch but if you scroll down the side there is a translation button.

Yesterday afternoon a parcel arrived from Create and Craft with the RainyDays Diary Kit in. Its the first time I have bought a kit and had really liked some of the images when I show it on the website. Well all fired up and raring to go I opened it. I must admit my temper frayed quickly and all my craft things were going on ebay after about an hour. I had - rather unusually for me- followed the instructions. I cut the required aperture leaving a 2cm border in the front of the card and then finally got to the sticking of the patterned frame on the front. However the frame doesn't quite fit in the right place and the white card was showing through in certain areas. The double sided tape had stuck this patterned frame down as if its life depended on it and there was no way I was going to be able to remove it. Whilst I am not proud to say this that card was thrown across the room towards the bin. Eventually - a number of cups of tea later- I returned to try again. Again the same thing happened only this time it dawned on me it wasn't my inability to measure or cut but that the frames were out slightly. So I improvised and added a co-ordinated ribbon along one edge and domed- waterdrops along the other to hide the card showing through!!!

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