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Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Penrith Crafts

Today we set off on our holidays. My husband has booked two nights in a hotel in Strathyre Scotland and another two nights in a B&B up past Fort William. The idea being to just drive and stop where we want for in total a week. Our track record with airports this year has been chronic so we thought we would stay in the country.

Our SAT-NAV sent us west across the A66 into Penrith before going north round Glasgow. Having missed breakfast we stopped in Penrith. Here I happened upon Penrith Crafts in St Andrew's Yard. What fantastic shop the staff were great - so helpful and friendly. Sandra was brilliant. She showed me how to use my Cuttlebug using Tan Mats and even gave me the card she had cut out and embossed.

If you get the chance drop in and talk to her. I ended up buying a Sakura 700 pen from her after she showed me how to add sparkle to images without glitter. Even my husband was impressed with her service.


blog is www.penrithcrafts.blogspot.com

We came up with the idea of travelling the country finding great Craft shops with excellent Real Ale pubs nearby. Making it easier for women to spend time - lots of time & money!!!- in a craft shop without the guilt factor, comfortable in the knowledge her other half is being babysat close by!!! Do you think it will take off?

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