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Saturday, 31 July 2010

Toy Story 3

Have our grand-daughter staying with us for a week. Being only 5 we wondered what to do. As the weather was not too great here in Wensleydale we went off to the pictures to see Toy Story 3 -3D. After collapsing at the cost, nearly £30 for 2 adults and a child - 'its 3D Madam ' we went in. The story was good and she loved it , there were as is the case in these animated

---huge moth just entered the room its massive!!!!!!!-- I am calm, I am clam yeah that's about right I am a clam when it comes to flying insects!!!

films there are bits for the adults. The glasses were a little weird maybe I am just getting old!
The plan was to take her for a pizza after. As we exited with the crowd two of the children from school were there with their father, who for a number of reasons I haven't met. We waved etc, next thing father comes over and starts verbally abusing me in front of my grand-daughter and husband and his own children. For heaven sake I am on holiday with my family and I get this. I was shaking afterwards as it was in front of everyone coming out of the screen. Neither my husband or I wanted to start anything in front of the children. Where do these people get the idea they can just do this. Our whole day was ruined and I still haven't got over it!! if I had I wouldn't be writing about it.

I was going to try and make some cards this evening but can't concentrate now.

Boy, I am moaning sorry just needed a rant.

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

A Quick Male Birthday Card - are you kidding?

Well two days into the summer holiday and I have to say I have been so decedent today. Woke up at 8.00am but stayed in bed reading until 10.15 it was bliss.

However then spent the rest of the day rushing as we have my husbands children, grandchildren, mother and his brother and family coming tomorrow until Friday. There will be so many 4 are camping in the garden!!

Its my husband' son's 24th Birthday so we are having a bbq so fingers crossed. I have never found a way of referring to my 'stepchildren' because they were adults when I married their dad but it sounds so convoluted when you starting saying my husband's son etc. I should start a campaign to come up with a more friendly term. Stepmother etc makes it sound like a Disney movie!!!

With one thing and another and time spent reading in bed I realised I had not got his card. So I had to make a quick male birthday card. Those words somehow don't go in the same sentence. I resorted in the end to pyramiging the Popcorn Bear Celebration image and adding matching borders and backing paper. It doesn't look too bad hopefully not too young either.

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

July Christmas Card Swap on Docrafts

Well finally got the card done. Spooky how similar they were.

these are the two cards side by side. Mine is one the left. The idea with the swap is a partner sends the materials and a completed card in an envelope you make the card and then compare with theirs.

For some reason I seem to be a landscape person.
One of the criteria was a button had to be added. My partner
forgot however I thought I had just lost it so added some.
When I checked hers there wasn't one on.



Was surfing around reading peoples blogs and came across a great one that made me laugh. We all have 'Grumpy Old Women' days and it reminded me of that.

The school I work at is to close next summer if we don't get 20 children over the next two years and I just want a rant but can't in case anything gets back to anyone involved so I read Kellie's blog. Her mind seems to work like mine, a ping pong ball or rather one of those balls in the Pinball machines, it ricochets off things and goes off on tangents. I was so pleased to realise there are others out there suffering from the same disease!!

Anyway on her site she has the most amazing candy. She has 550 followers, oh to have more than 12 would be a target for me. But I suppose you have to put pictures of your creations on your blog and at the moment I haven't had time to do more than look longingly at my new Lili of the Valley Christmas stamps that have arrived. I often wonder if I could stretch time and make it last longer but then realise that wouldn't be the solution as I would only fill that amount to capacity as well. The answer is saying no. I practise daily going into meetings etc and then once in there brain disengages and before I know it that small two letter word has been stamped on by the longer three letter word YES which pops out with amazing speed.

I'm waffling I was supposed to be putting a link to the candy and then finishing my July Christmas Swap card before Christmas!!!!!

Her site is


There are some gorgeous cards on it. Check it out.

Sunday, 18 July 2010

New Lili of the Valley Stuff

Didn't manage to get my July Christmas Card Swap card made this weekend but some of my new stuff from LOTV arrived Saturday morning. The die-cut angels are so gorgeous and I bought a stamp. Can't wait to make them up.

Operation Dalesman

What a day!!

What a success. We started at 9.00am this morning setting everything up and stayed open to the public until 4.00pm. I can hardly keep my eyes open I am so tired. The place was buzzing with parents and children and the community. In fact we raised a huge amount for the school and sold out of the newspaper that the children put together within an hour.

One of the parents took photos. I can't wait to see them as there as so much going on. The army pipe band popped in and for a cup of tea each played a selection of songs. We ended up wheeling the school piano out into the yard for a sing song. If you have never been to the weekend and live in driving distance to Leyburn you should come next year.
This was the 'Mess Tent' queue at one point!

Off to bed .

Saturday, 17 July 2010

40's Weekend

What a day!!
The town has a huge 40's Weekend every year. For the first time we as a school got involved. The school has a huge area behind it which is hidden from view. People driving past the school see a house with a piece of tarmac in front when actually we have a huge field, vegetable garden, woodland and Prayer garden all hidden from view. Earlier this year it was decided to take part in the weekend. So today the children, dressed as evacuees sang war songs in the town market place and considering there were all 18 there they sang their hearts out. Tomorrow the school and the grounds will be open to the public as they have been turned into a scene from Dad's Army and there is a Dig for Victory Open garden theme.

The school community has thrown itself wholeheartedly into the project, building sentry towers, howitzer guns army assault courses and everything as well as food tasting. Its going to be brilliant.

Unfortunately this week we found out that due to numbers or rather a lack of numbers the school will close this time next year. We have only 23 on role and this will go down next year and given the financial climate its just not viable. So singing 'We'll Meet Again' today was very hard.

Friday, 16 July 2010

July Christmas Card Swap on Docrafts

I finally plucked up the courage to take part in one of the Card Swap challenges a few weeks ago. Looking on Docrafts there was one organised by 'madgran' - the July Christmas Swap. You had to make a card with a button on it then send in an envelope to a partner along with the materials you used.

Boy did I panic when it actually came round to making the card. Because the partners have 'busy docrafter' after their names I was worried about the quality of my card. In fact I made four before finally just putting one in an envelope. Well my partner has made her card using the material and then posted hers alongside mine. They are really different. I love the way she has put them together.

Mine is the top card and my partners is the bottom one.
The kit for the card I have to make has arrived and I am going to try and get it done this weekend. However we have a house full of Grandkids so it may be difficult but by Sunday night very necessary.

Smithy Cards Blog

Just in from work!!! Yeah i know but we have the Big 40's Weekend in town and I needed to get somethings ready. Unwinding by checking at my blog and other peoples. I have a link to Smithy Cards which updates daily and she has posted the most amazing candy for attracting 250 followers. It is fantastic.

Smithy also does workshops and they sound great but living so far 'up north' I can't get to them which is a shame.


Thursday, 15 July 2010



What a day, actually been useless as was so tired. However I managed to get to my Spinning class. I go with a friend and we pay the week before so being Yorkshire folk we have to go so as not to lose our money!!!

Today the Class teacher was convinced that I hadn't put the tension up high enough!! I must protest well I would if I had the energy as my legs are screaming and I won't be able to walk in the morning.

Needed the class as a anger management technique today and i am now the same cerise colour as my shirt. I have flopped on the settee watching Create and Craft Shows that I taped during the Christmas Weekend in June. How sad am I? Really its because the remote is on the other side of the room and try as I might to make my legs move they are not interested.!!

I bought the stamposaurus nativity stamps and I am trying to get ideas. Have realised I need promarker skin tones to do them justice.

Wednesday, 14 July 2010



What a horrible day I have had. Really bad morning then I went to a big store ( where they sell Create and Craft very cheap) and got £20 cash back. Later went to buy groceries and my money was refused as it was an old £20 note that ceased to be legal tender on 30th June. So unless the bank will accept it I have lost £20!!

So to make up for the day, I went on the LOTV website to look at the new Christmas stamps and they are GORGEOUS so I spent a fortune. Thought its less fattening then biscuits or cake!!!!
This is one of the angel stamps. Bought 6!!!!!
You should pop over to the site and check them out but be prepared to come away pounds lighter.

Monday, 12 July 2010

A New Week Dawns

Well here we are at Monday again. When you are small time seems to stretch out ahead of you forever. Is it me or is your age linked to time ie the older you are the quicker the time vanishes? Its a bit like your backside and your knickers. It is the same backside and the same knickers only now there is too much backside for the same amount of material in my knickers.

I arrived at work at 7,45 and before school had started I already had a number of big problems to look into. For the first time in ages I just wanted to be at home making cards and drinking tea instead of at work.

So I thought I would come in and upload my new cards on to the blog. The first was made for the children at school who made their First Holy Communion. I downloaded a stepper template and tried it out.
Then I decided to see if I could get the great banners that others have down the side of their blogs.

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Pink Gem Candy

This is my first attempt at linking to another Blog and candy so here goes.

Found a great blog called Pink Gem most of you may have heard of it.
Well she has a fanatstic amount of Candy up for offer.
You can win:
Pro Marker Stamping Pack 2
Two Pink Gem stamps of your choice (subject to availability)
Pack of 6 Petaloo Wild Roses - Baby blue
Adhesive Pearl Floral & Vines
20 Mulberry Paper Flowers Grey/Black Petals
20 Mulberry Paper Flowers Soft Tan Petals
Crafttime Mini Crystals - Pink
Double -sided Adhesive Pads
Pop over to the site and check it out you need to leave a comment and a link to your own blog before the end of July.

Thursday, 8 July 2010

One of My Favourite Youtube Videos

Day Three a picutre


As is my want its bedtime and I have decided to try and put a picture on the blog. My login on the laptop has gone haywire and won't let me log on to the Internet, so I am on my husbands which means I can't get to my photographs. I have managed to find a picture of my husbands Granddaughter who was the Flowergirl at our wedding. Considering genetically she is nothing to do with me she is a Mini-me.
She loves her Grandad in fact she has him wound round her finger. She spends quite a lot of time with us and can somehow tell when he is giving me a cuddle and will come running from another room to have a group hug!!

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Day Three

Having finally worked out how to put a new post on I spent a few hours changing the background and then researching what a URL was so I could add people's blogs to mine!!!! Ever feel like you need the help of a five year old to show you how the computer works?

So I have changed the template but think it looks a little dowdy. Maybe the addition of pictures and headings in a lovely font would do it? Tonight's challenge after a day of meetings and then a Spinning class will be to add a picture and work out how people manage to get gorgeous little headers when they add someones blog to their blog list.

Have good day and catch you all later. Xx

Day Two

Boy this is not as easy as it looks is it?

It has taken me half an hour to workout how to leave another post!!!!!

Thank you for all the people who have become followers now the pressure is really on to add those pictures etc.

Thought I would quickly (ha-ha) try and add something amusing and interesting but too tired now. My brain has been fried by technical phrases such as 'post' 'follower' etc!!

I have just returned from a meeting. I work in a small school in North Yorkshire and to raise the profile of the school we are organising a 'Dig for Victory' Open Garden on the Sunday July 18th to coincide with the 40's Weekend that occurs annually in the town. Our school looks tiny from the front but we have a huge area behind which includes a woodland, field and a beautiful vegetable garden a long with a Prayer/ Reflection Garden. Unfortunately we are the best kept secret in the Yorkshire Dales. It is going to be a fantastic weekend with the children dressed as Evacuees etc. My husband has been brilliant and has been teaching them 40's songs to sing as a choir in the town square.

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

First Post Part 2

Managed to get the 'First Post' posted before I had finished. This is going to be one steep learning curve!!!!!

I am going all out and try to upload a picture over the next two days so fingers crossed.

First Post

Well finally decided to start a blog. I may come to regret it but thought I would try to get into the 21st Century. 10 years late but better late than never.