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Sunday, 26 September 2010

Thank You Cards

What a busy week. We have a Swiss German teacher on exchange at our school this week. She is great fun. At the moment she is staying in a B&B in the town so we are taking it in turns to entertain her as it must be lonely and expensive to be away from home for three weeks with only B&B. Its a gorgeous place she is staying in. Friends of ours own it and they are great with these teachers, often inviting them to have dinner with them etc.

Yesterday I took her off to York. Our last Swiss teacher was male and when he went to York He wanted to do the Minister, walls and Museums luckily Ursula just wanted to shop!!!! We did walk round the exterior of the Minister etc but there were sooooooooooo many tourists and it was cold yesterday.

I haven't been clothes or shoe shopping since about Christmas -spent all my money on rubber stamps!!!!!- and I hadn't realised what rubbish there is in the shops at the moment. needing an outfit for the Grand daughters christening not one thing jumped out and said 'Buy me'!! If I hadn't wanted anything or hadn't had any money I would have seen loads!! Sods Law really.
Anyway cards. My father despite his suspected heart attack made it to Westminster to the Pope's Mass. Its was by invitation so he asked for some Thank You cards for the Bishop and for the person who put his name forward. Now my LOTV images are gorgeous and there are a few that would make great thank you cards i didn't think they would be appropriate for this occasion. So I scanned the Internet for digi religious stamps and coupled with a prayer card made the following.

The paper was a beautiful digi-paper printed on to pearlescent paper. Using the spellbinders I cut out shapes to mount eh prayer card and verse on. The cross was printed out and added to give a little balance.

My second card was simply a verse from Psalms giving thanks.

I used eyelets and threaded a white ribbon through both tying a second piece on as a bow. Haven't quite got the hang of the bows lying flat yet!!!
The bp was another digi-paper that looks beautiful on pearlescent paper.

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