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Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Busy Busy Busy

Been a busy and an emotional week. The school I work at is up for closure next summer so we weren't sure how many children would return after the summer. Not many!!! We are down to 15. Hopefully the hemorrhaging has stopped and we will close with these children in the school. The worst was having only one child turn up in the old 'infant' department. After a long and really difficult chat with the parents the child has moved to another school. She and I spent a very long day on Monday in a huge classroom on our own as she had no peers to play with and didn't really know me. It took her until 10.00am to speak to me!!! Poor thing.

So I have spent my evenings getting rid of my anger and upset by making some cards.

My parents have a number of friends who have a big anniversary coming up so I have been asked to make two of the Book A Easel cards for them.
This is for a Ruby Wedding
Snow White Linen Card
Pearlescent white paper
Red gem embellishments
Silver gems
White ribbon
Pinflair glue
Mulberry Red Flowers
Corner Edger
I printed on Snow White Linen Card and pearlescent paper.
After cutting out the template pieces I 'frosted' them with Glamour Dust applied with a quickie pen.
I used (for the first time) Pinflair Glue to stick the parts together.
Whilst these were drying I made an easel card from plain A4 card that I cut down to just under the width of the 'book.'
The pearlescent paper was used to back a piece of card and then stuck onto the bottom of the easel. As a stopper I used the mulberry flowers on the base and attached another at the bottom of the book a to cover the end of the ribbon and b to added to the stopper effect.
It looks from the photo as if the flowers and the gems clash but they don't.
I have all the pieces for a Silver Wedding Card ready to construct the card this evening.

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