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Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Is it only Tuesday?

What a day!!!

Happy at work, went out on duty sun was shining children were having a great time then dinner time arrived.

My Mother turned up at work, you know that can be a bad sign. From her face i could tell it was. My father had been rushed into hospital with a suspected heart attack. The hospital is about 18 miles away so I drove. Where he is they have been fantastic but it is a lot of sitting around imagining whilst they do the tests. So from arriving to leaving him was 7 hours. They are still not too sure and will be doing more tests at 10.00pm they think now that it may have been a serious Angina attack. During all of the wires and machines and testing and an irregular heartbeat that was all over the place he was worried they were going to keep him in for too long!!!!

So my mother has been asked to be dropped off at her house so she can phone people and try and get some rest. She is not too well and was absolutely shattered emotionally and physically but refused to have me stay over!!!!

The machines they hook them up to are amazing as well as mesmerizing. I also realised how old I am getting as the Dr only looked in his late 20's!!! Great staff though. They were patient ( what a pun) and explained everything thoroughly so you immediately feel better about leaving them there.

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