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Friday, 3 September 2010

Anniversary Card

My Mother spoke to me this evening and during the conversation remembered it was her best friends wedding anniversary so she asked if I could make a card. I showed her the wedding card I had made and she wanted something like that. Well I took a bit of poetic licence as you do!

Using the materials from TheClipartFairy - Modern Heritage CD I thought I would make a card from there. unfortunately not having time to read the tutorial I had to make my own up. This is the result.

I couldn't work out how big the card on the CD was so I cut to pieces of linen paper I had printed the design on and stuck them together using a 'flap' for want of a bit word.

I hadn't really thought that through as it then made the card too heavy to stand up so i flipped it to landscape. Need to work on adding text. But it will come.

I am disappointed that in the picture the ribbon looks the wrong colour. It is in fact white and looks lovely, the lighting in the bathroom is wrong, being such a great student of David Bailey!!!!!

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