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Saturday, 31 July 2010

Toy Story 3

Have our grand-daughter staying with us for a week. Being only 5 we wondered what to do. As the weather was not too great here in Wensleydale we went off to the pictures to see Toy Story 3 -3D. After collapsing at the cost, nearly £30 for 2 adults and a child - 'its 3D Madam ' we went in. The story was good and she loved it , there were as is the case in these animated

---huge moth just entered the room its massive!!!!!!!-- I am calm, I am clam yeah that's about right I am a clam when it comes to flying insects!!!

films there are bits for the adults. The glasses were a little weird maybe I am just getting old!
The plan was to take her for a pizza after. As we exited with the crowd two of the children from school were there with their father, who for a number of reasons I haven't met. We waved etc, next thing father comes over and starts verbally abusing me in front of my grand-daughter and husband and his own children. For heaven sake I am on holiday with my family and I get this. I was shaking afterwards as it was in front of everyone coming out of the screen. Neither my husband or I wanted to start anything in front of the children. Where do these people get the idea they can just do this. Our whole day was ruined and I still haven't got over it!! if I had I wouldn't be writing about it.

I was going to try and make some cards this evening but can't concentrate now.

Boy, I am moaning sorry just needed a rant.

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