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Tuesday, 20 July 2010



Was surfing around reading peoples blogs and came across a great one that made me laugh. We all have 'Grumpy Old Women' days and it reminded me of that.

The school I work at is to close next summer if we don't get 20 children over the next two years and I just want a rant but can't in case anything gets back to anyone involved so I read Kellie's blog. Her mind seems to work like mine, a ping pong ball or rather one of those balls in the Pinball machines, it ricochets off things and goes off on tangents. I was so pleased to realise there are others out there suffering from the same disease!!

Anyway on her site she has the most amazing candy. She has 550 followers, oh to have more than 12 would be a target for me. But I suppose you have to put pictures of your creations on your blog and at the moment I haven't had time to do more than look longingly at my new Lili of the Valley Christmas stamps that have arrived. I often wonder if I could stretch time and make it last longer but then realise that wouldn't be the solution as I would only fill that amount to capacity as well. The answer is saying no. I practise daily going into meetings etc and then once in there brain disengages and before I know it that small two letter word has been stamped on by the longer three letter word YES which pops out with amazing speed.

I'm waffling I was supposed to be putting a link to the candy and then finishing my July Christmas Swap card before Christmas!!!!!

Her site is


There are some gorgeous cards on it. Check it out.

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