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Wednesday, 14 July 2010



What a horrible day I have had. Really bad morning then I went to a big store ( where they sell Create and Craft very cheap) and got £20 cash back. Later went to buy groceries and my money was refused as it was an old £20 note that ceased to be legal tender on 30th June. So unless the bank will accept it I have lost £20!!

So to make up for the day, I went on the LOTV website to look at the new Christmas stamps and they are GORGEOUS so I spent a fortune. Thought its less fattening then biscuits or cake!!!!
This is one of the angel stamps. Bought 6!!!!!
You should pop over to the site and check them out but be prepared to come away pounds lighter.


  1. ohh love LOTV have a few stamps and decoupage.. i must not look... i must resist..
    no off to have a peek!

  2. Delighted but worried that they said there were more on the way. How am I going to explain how much I will have spent on this site!!! Worked out if allow Hubby to have a big spend on golf every now and then and not make a fuss then I can buy what I want!!! LOL

  3. do hope the bank has changed your £20 note as that would be so upsetting,glad you managed to console yourself with some goodies,x