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Saturday, 17 July 2010

40's Weekend

What a day!!
The town has a huge 40's Weekend every year. For the first time we as a school got involved. The school has a huge area behind it which is hidden from view. People driving past the school see a house with a piece of tarmac in front when actually we have a huge field, vegetable garden, woodland and Prayer garden all hidden from view. Earlier this year it was decided to take part in the weekend. So today the children, dressed as evacuees sang war songs in the town market place and considering there were all 18 there they sang their hearts out. Tomorrow the school and the grounds will be open to the public as they have been turned into a scene from Dad's Army and there is a Dig for Victory Open garden theme.

The school community has thrown itself wholeheartedly into the project, building sentry towers, howitzer guns army assault courses and everything as well as food tasting. Its going to be brilliant.

Unfortunately this week we found out that due to numbers or rather a lack of numbers the school will close this time next year. We have only 23 on role and this will go down next year and given the financial climate its just not viable. So singing 'We'll Meet Again' today was very hard.

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  1. sounds like a good day but sorry to hear the school will be closing,maybe you will get a late reprive as we need small and big schools,x