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Sunday, 18 July 2010

Operation Dalesman

What a day!!

What a success. We started at 9.00am this morning setting everything up and stayed open to the public until 4.00pm. I can hardly keep my eyes open I am so tired. The place was buzzing with parents and children and the community. In fact we raised a huge amount for the school and sold out of the newspaper that the children put together within an hour.

One of the parents took photos. I can't wait to see them as there as so much going on. The army pipe band popped in and for a cup of tea each played a selection of songs. We ended up wheeling the school piano out into the yard for a sing song. If you have never been to the weekend and live in driving distance to Leyburn you should come next year.
This was the 'Mess Tent' queue at one point!

Off to bed .

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