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Monday, 12 July 2010

A New Week Dawns

Well here we are at Monday again. When you are small time seems to stretch out ahead of you forever. Is it me or is your age linked to time ie the older you are the quicker the time vanishes? Its a bit like your backside and your knickers. It is the same backside and the same knickers only now there is too much backside for the same amount of material in my knickers.

I arrived at work at 7,45 and before school had started I already had a number of big problems to look into. For the first time in ages I just wanted to be at home making cards and drinking tea instead of at work.

So I thought I would come in and upload my new cards on to the blog. The first was made for the children at school who made their First Holy Communion. I downloaded a stepper template and tried it out.
Then I decided to see if I could get the great banners that others have down the side of their blogs.


  1. hi,love the blog and glad you understood my instructions,have become a follower,x

  2. Beautiful card Annette and I'm now a follower xx

  3. Lovely card. Now I'm a follower. kathleen x