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Tuesday, 27 July 2010

A Quick Male Birthday Card - are you kidding?

Well two days into the summer holiday and I have to say I have been so decedent today. Woke up at 8.00am but stayed in bed reading until 10.15 it was bliss.

However then spent the rest of the day rushing as we have my husbands children, grandchildren, mother and his brother and family coming tomorrow until Friday. There will be so many 4 are camping in the garden!!

Its my husband' son's 24th Birthday so we are having a bbq so fingers crossed. I have never found a way of referring to my 'stepchildren' because they were adults when I married their dad but it sounds so convoluted when you starting saying my husband's son etc. I should start a campaign to come up with a more friendly term. Stepmother etc makes it sound like a Disney movie!!!

With one thing and another and time spent reading in bed I realised I had not got his card. So I had to make a quick male birthday card. Those words somehow don't go in the same sentence. I resorted in the end to pyramiging the Popcorn Bear Celebration image and adding matching borders and backing paper. It doesn't look too bad hopefully not too young either.

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