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Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Day Two

Boy this is not as easy as it looks is it?

It has taken me half an hour to workout how to leave another post!!!!!

Thank you for all the people who have become followers now the pressure is really on to add those pictures etc.

Thought I would quickly (ha-ha) try and add something amusing and interesting but too tired now. My brain has been fried by technical phrases such as 'post' 'follower' etc!!

I have just returned from a meeting. I work in a small school in North Yorkshire and to raise the profile of the school we are organising a 'Dig for Victory' Open Garden on the Sunday July 18th to coincide with the 40's Weekend that occurs annually in the town. Our school looks tiny from the front but we have a huge area behind which includes a woodland, field and a beautiful vegetable garden a long with a Prayer/ Reflection Garden. Unfortunately we are the best kept secret in the Yorkshire Dales. It is going to be a fantastic weekend with the children dressed as Evacuees etc. My husband has been brilliant and has been teaching them 40's songs to sing as a choir in the town square.

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