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Sunday, 24 October 2010

Catching Up

Is it me or are there times when you really don't mind your other half going out for the whole day? It gave me time to wander the shops and then come home and make some cards at my leisure. I managed to catch up with two friends which was great. It is amazing how wrapped up in your life you can become. While talking to one friend when I said the 'new' grand-daughter was going to be one in a months time we realised how long it was since we caught up as she didn't know we had another grand-daughter!! How bad is that? I felt so bad and very self centred!!

She informed me that she had just got a new job and that it was permanent so I came home and made her a congratulations card.

I used a mixture of The ClipartFairy Modern heritageCD and her Book-A-Easel CD.
The bps are from the Worlds Best Teacher and the Barely pink collections.

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