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Sunday, 3 October 2010

Blog Hop Whimsy Stamps

Oh where has the past week gone? I can't believe it is Sunday evening already I don't even feel as if I have had a weekend it went so quickly. Do you think I could get a refund because I didn't get that end of week feeling from it????

I went to the cinema with our Swiss Exchange teacher this afternoon as we had arranged to go to Hawes and Aysgarth Falls today but the weather has been horrendous. Granted the falls would have been spectacular but we would have been drenched walking to them. So we went to see Eat Pray Love - with Julia Roberts. It was a long film - about 2+ hours mind it didn't feel like that when I was watching it. What was great about it was that fact she didn't look like a Hollywood star in it, in fact by Hollywood standards she could be said to look almost fat!!!!!!! She wasn't in the slightest but compared to some of these stars who you would mark absent if they turn sideways she looked like a real woman. There was a fantastic line in the film where she asks her friend- who is moaning about putting weight on- had she been naked in front of him (her boyfriend)and had he left - so what was her problem. She was going to eat the food and not count the calories because she was finished with the guilt trips. I could have kissed her!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway having not had time to make cards I went blog surfing and came across a Blog Hop at Whimsy Stamps and thought I would give it a go. Not sure what to expect as I have never done one before but hey I am up for anything. Also I like Whimsy Stamps.

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