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Monday, 27 December 2010

Blog Hopping

Well it's over. Where did it go? Is it because I am getting older that it seems the run up over takes the day? Maybe its because I am actually a big kid and would like Christmas to go on for longer. I think sometimes as a woman Christmas isn't a holiday. You fly round on Christmas morning making sure the dinner is one presents are out etc and everyone is happy then collapse! I think the 26th should be Women's Christmas day!!! Should we start a campaign? Gosh I sound like a real gringe, but I love Christmas and it seems to just fly by so quickly.

Anyway I should be in work this morning but thought I would check out craft sales whilst the hubby is out!!! I came across 'Bev's' card on her site All the Things I Love. As always its gorgeous! Do you think she is the Delia or as The Vicar of Dibley calls her St Delia, of the card making world? Well I digress(again) and she used a sketch from Friday Sketchers to showcase a Sneak Peek of some soon to be released LOTV stamps. They are having a Blog hop with some great candy including LOTV vouchers and hanglar stamps!!
Check it out.

Friday Sketchers http://fridaysketchersblog.blogspot.com/

Pretty Pressings has some LOTV candy on hers. http://www.rosaswelt.blogspot.com/

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